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Epic F'n Party Yo ! MYTHIC san diego underground rave may 2 2009 Rabbit in the Moon at Street Scene

Calendar: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Age Restrictions: 18+ (w. bar for 21+)
Cost: 20.00

Discordia Presentís
Awakening of Atira
18 & UP
7340 Miramar Road Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92126

Discordia promotes Yin energy in multi genre EDM and live music. Offering a place to expand, dance and heal. Discordia is different from other shows because it is never in the same place, is multi vibrational and is family run by local artist. April 14th will be a night of House, Psytrance, Bass, DnB, Experimental, Live Instrumental, Techno, Deep House and Ambient tunes for 12 hours of none stop music. Together we grow.

April 4th 2017, Music. Live Art. Performers. Catering. Venders. 7pm-7am

Discordia being the Goddess of Chaos, names its shows in light of a new goddess. In April we would like to present Atira.
In Native American, Pawnee mythology Atira was the wife of the creator god, Tirawa. This god was believed to have taught the people tattooing, fire-building, hunting, agriculture, speech and clothing, religious rituals (including tobacco and sacred bundles), and sacrifices. He was associated with the sky and space. While his wife Atira was the Goddess of the Earth symbolized with corn. Today we come together to bring our skills, our mind and hearts in celebration of the earth through dance, love and unity.

7-8.10 God Particle, House
Triptych DJ
Manny, Techno
Triptych DJ

8.10-9.20 Vu, Psytrance
CEO & Founder of Oso Sik

9.20-10.30 Launchpad Infinity, CURTIS G Bass
Founder of Mandapa

Yin Steezy
Glitch/ DnB

Jack Pharaoh, Experimental Bass and Multi Genre

Tripsy, House
Founder of Pleasure
Pro- K, House

Crescendoll, Techno
Deep Aura
Triptych DJ

Guest DJ

Chernobyl Child, Ambient
Triptych DJ
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