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Muzak E.P. released on Knob Records.

Knob Records is proud to present:

KNOB016: Thee-O - "Muzak EP"

Release Date: February 20, 2007

Preview Clip:



Written & Produced by Thee-O @ Biohazard Studios, LA.
(p) 2007 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2007 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Muzak" - Chuggy and funky progressive flavor with a lightly vocoded vocal speaking the muzak that morphs into a middle octave synth adding to the simmering recipe. The track takes on a surprising pivotal force with bold hi hats, cleverly placed swirls, and anesthetic bass patterns, then silence. A triangular melody of bass and leads is formed taking you behind door number two which guides you to the concluding sequence of head funk and a true DJ friendly mix-out.

"Tribal Dreams" - The intro induces hypnosis through crafty percussion as the bongos and pops create a fascinating sanctuary. The kick drops and thrusts the rhythm onwards with a real funky bass line following. This harp like sound, minimal and full with fluttery attacking synths fade in and let the mind float. The breakdown adds more appeasing melodies and a conga lines that further mesmerizes to complete the dream. What a place of wonder!!!

"Aware" - This piece of work is packed with many graceful sounds, performing an acupuncture tune up, arousing spiritual awareness. Recognize the beauty and pass it on to the floor with some smooth
progressive house at its finest. Lush pads, sweeping synths and arpeggio melody that feels like refreshing rain drops. A philosopher speaks of awareness which sets sail into a perfect final run of the
elements. Timeless music!


KNOB016 has received support from Danny Tenaglia, DJ Taucher, DJ Mute, Coco Ariaz, Monty Q, jaEv, Paul Kwitek, Villo, Thee-O, Tarot, Ariel Cybana, Sasha Pidann, Roland Belmares, Alejandro Rado, Chad Cisneros, The Mystic Force, Alexi, Moti Wainer, Boris Gluck, DJ X, Trek-e, Zack Hill, HappE, Deko-ze, Daniel LaRusso, Jevne, Adil Amlani, Brain Denomey, Brian Leaky, Carlos Turcois, Cary Chang, Charles Yearwood, Darcy Ryan, Dave Johnston, Dragan Jargic, Franco Mirenzi, George Niki, Ike (Erik) Petterson, Jean-Francois Besner, Jeff Galaxzy, Jonathan Clark, Kelly Lithium, Marc Dandurand, Michael Oliveira, Mike Grefner, Mikhail Polischuk, Nick Oliver, Peter Mandziuk, Rich Watt, Rob Little, Vinny Vo, Jason Morley, Jon Viera


"NOW THAT'S PROMOTION AND HYPE! HOW COULD I NOT TAKE A LISTEN? I get sooooo many e-mail's and I do my best to listen to as many tracks and songs as I can, but it's becoming both overwhelming and very often disappointing to my ears. Rare is it that I get BIG BOMBS through e-mail contacts. I just felt the need to reach out and say GREAT JOB at getting my attention to hear this tune, and although I have yet to hear it on Big Speakers, I already love the fusion of Techno with Tribal Elements and the "piano" ... I'm all about embracing new artist with creative minds and I think I'm
gonna like this one as soon as I get it onto the big system. Respect to all"
Danny Tenaglia, Global Underground/Twisted/Tribal/Tribal UK/Hooj Choons/Sexy/MAW (USA)

"Tribal Dreams - jazzy dream piano dream proggy housy dream i am a dream lover i love that track -i will definitely play that track - 10/10
Aware - this track is atmospheric and melodic adventure lets travel into it - 10/10"
DJ Taucher, Additive/Scuba/Avalanche/ (Germany)

"Tribal Dreams - Love the fusion of the piano piece and the driving tribal beat. Great work! - 10/10"
DJ Mute, Frisky Radio/Interference Productions/Release (USA)

"Aware - very nice peak hour stuff - 10/10"
HappE, PanCyde Tribe/4 The Nod Entertainment/Sysex Records/Release (USA)

"Tribal Dreams - Beautiful & brilliant latin house track! A sure player in my set - 9/10"
Coco Ariaz, Club LOVE (Ibiza)/Club Space Shanghai/Class Concept Agency/Infamous (Spain)

"Tribal Dreams - smooth & chic - 9/10"
Monty Q, Billboard DJ/Clubs Nationwide/Release (USA)

"Aware - Good energy in the rhythm, punchy bassline, and melodic flowing synth textures. - 9/10
Tribal Dreams - Very nice flowing energy in this song. - 8/10"
jaEv, Sonia's/Release (USA)

"Muzak - This is my favourite. Dirty bassline, harsh synth lines and a really kool music vocal part! - 9/10
Tribal Dreams - Really groovey! - 7/10
Aware - this is a very interesting collaboration and the vocal samples are really neat. I will play it. - 8/10"
Paul Kwitek, Existence/Proton Radio/Infamous (Canada)

"Thee O goes Techn O. will be testing this one at the after (B nice one - 8/10"
Villo, Balance (USA)

"I may be biased but I like it "
Thee-O, Allied/Biohazard Digital/South Records/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Muzak - just a give me here with Knob! 06 was their year and expect more when hearing tracks like this! - 8/10
Tribal Dreams - a bit on the happier and brighter side for Knob but well done. - 8/10"
Taner Kanlier, Rumur/Penthouse/Release (USA)

"Thanks for the music. All are very good but my favorite has to be Tribal Dreams".
Tarot, Tweek'd/Eightball Trax/Catch22 Rec/Womb Rec/Knob Records (Japan)

"Muzak - has some good techy elements and digging these sort of grooves - 8/10
Tribal Dreams - has awesome percussion and sweet groove yet there are soft and pretty elements in it too. - 8/10"
Ariel Cybana, Digitally Imported/365 Magazine/Release (USA)

"Aware - sweet tune - 8/10"
Sasha Pidann, (Canada)

"Tribal Dreams - Classic Tribal at it's best! - 8/10"
Roland Belmares, Billboard/Release (USA)

"Tribal Dreams - I love this deep! I love this percussion! Good work! - 7/10"
Alejandro Rado, Drum Central/Moon Tribal/Next Dimension Music/Oryx music/Bellarine/Bit Records/Pure Substance Records/Magic Soul Records/Knob Records (Argentina)

"Aware - Props on this one heh! Nice. - 8/10"
Chad Cisneros, Pure Substance Records/Mining Vinyl/Pangea Records/Knob Records (USA)

"Tribal Dreams - awesome production, cool pianohooks & tribal in it, sounds summertime to me - 8/10"
The Mystic Force, Mag/Go Mag (Holland)/Release (Belgium)

"Muzak - very nice track here like it loads!! - 7/10"
Alexi, Autonomous Bassheads/Release (USA)

"Tribal Dreams - love this track.. - 8/10"
Moti Wainer, Just Cavalli Cafe (Milano)/Pure Fanatic Rec/Release (Italy)

"Muzak - good work - 7/10"
Boris Gluck, Club Five/Progressive Felonies/Release (USA)

"Tribal Dreams - Good - 7/10"
DJ X, Balance (Puerto Rico)

"Love the tunes!"
Trek-e, Hell's Kitchen/Crush Lounge/91.3 CJZN/Richmond (Canada)

"Really loving tribal dreams!! The pads and percussion are driving em nuts on the floor. Nice work my man!"
Zack Hill, Vinyl Tribe/ Radio (USA)

"My pick is Tribal Dreams"
Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

"Aware - good song - 8/10"
Daniel LaRusso, Squid Recordings/ (USA)

"Like tribal dreams - 7/10"
Jevne, Onethirty Recordings/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Muzak rocks out. - 8/10"
Adil Amlani, Sure Copy Centre/Richmond (Canada)

"Muzak is hot shit! - 9/10"
Brain Denomey, Stereo Shift/Richmond (Canada)

"Thee-O rocks the house with Muzak. - 7.5/10"
Brian Leaky, DJ Leekee/Richmond (Canada)

"Defintiely will play Muzak. - 8/10"
Carlos Turcois, DJ C-Boogie/Richmond (Canada)

"Tribal dreams is perfect for my lounge night. - 8.5/10"
Cary Chang, Feroshus/Richmond (Canada)

"Stellar tunes from Thee-O. - 7/10"
Charles Yearwood, Nike Brand Marketing/Richmond (Canada)

"Great production all around. - 8/10"
Darcy Ryan, Flipside Productions/Richmond (Canada)

"Tribal Dreams is very smooth. - 7/10"
Dave Johnston, Union Events/Richmond (Canada)

"Loving Muzak. - 7/10"
Dragan Jargic, Y Afterhours/Axe Music/Richmond (Canada)

"Great drums in Tribal Dreams. - 7.5/10"
Franco Mirenzi, Hipnotika Entertainment/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice. Muzak and Tribal Dreams are tight. - 8/10"
George Niki, Stereo/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice bassline and drums in Tribal Dreams. - 8/10"
Ike (Erik) Petterson, Gorg-o-mish/Sonic Union/Richmond (Canada)

"Thee-O does is up! - 7/10"
Jean-Francois Besner, Daymus Entertainment Group/Richmond (Canada)

"Thee-O makes a killer EP. - 8/10"
Jeff Galaxzy, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Loving the piano on Tribal Dreams. - 8/10"
Jonathan Clark, DJ Bolivia/Richmond (Canada)

"Muzak gets a bit funky during the break, but still - 7.5/10"
Kelly Lithium, Blacktiger Recordings/Richmond (Canada)

"Great tracks from Thee-O. - 7/10"
Marc Dandurand, DJ Driver/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice ep from Knob. - 7/10"
Michael Oliveira, DJ Wizard/Richmond (Canada)

"Sweet tunes. Loving Tribal Dreams. - 8.5/10"
Mike Grefner, Majik DJ/Crush Lounge/Richmond (Canada)

"Will use Tribal Dreams in my set for sure. - 7/10"
Mikhail Polischuk, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Knob always puts out the best. - 7/10"
Nick Oliver, Revolution Records/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice tribal. - 8/10"
Peter Mandziuk, DJ Trapz/Richmond (Canada)

"Muzak is cool electro funk. - 8/10"
Rich Watt, DJ Fixation/Richmond (Canada)

"Muzak is a nice tune. - 7/10"
Rob Little, DJ Rebl/Richmond (Canada)

"Tribal Dreams makes it! - 7/10"
Vinny Vo, Sushi Crew/Richmond (Canada)

"An impressive showing on all three cuts. 'Muzak' is an bass thumping trip that combines tribal beats with an array of cunningly put together synths and scrapes. With 'Tribal Dreams', you've got a real overt display of Knob Record's style and musical direction. It bangs with a progressive tribal sound, is etherel and uplifting with a trancelike sound, and retains the mixability of a more middle of the road house track. Great production value! Finally, 'Aware' is a deeply soulful trip along with a hint of electro. Well done!"
Jason Morley, J.M. Media (USA)

"Muzak - Smooth crisp beats followed along with a chuggy bass line. Dope.
Tribal Dreams - Minimal but solid track. More for the deeper styles. Solid.
Aware - Really feeling this one. Smokey elements bring out a calming peace of mind."
Jon Viera, Escuro Recordings,


Thanks everyone for your support!

Knob releases are available at: Beatport, iTunes, Release Records, Juno Records, Virgin Digital, PlayItTonight, Trackitdown, DJMR, DJ Download, 3 Beat Digital, Real Rhapsody, Digirama, Napster, eMusic, Yahoo! Music, Audio Lunchbox, Music Now, Walmart, Resonant Vibes, Audiojelly
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